Illustrator + Designer in Chicago, IL. 

This site is a collection of commissions, client works + personal projects.

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My work applies to various mediums—
screen-printing, posters, animations, murals, riso-prints, streetwear, books, merchandise, packaging, paintings, lettering, signage, logos, icons, photographs, typography, vinyl, video.

My practice is rooted in music, skating and DIY culture and stems out into drawings formed from image research + reference. 

︎︎︎ Current Sr. Designer at Perky Bros

︎︎︎ Former Art Director at The Buddy System and Marz Community Brewing Co. 

︎︎︎ Former Graphic Designer at Land and Sea Dept.

︎︎︎ Owner + Creative Director of novelty products + DIY Studio Die Shop

︎︎︎ Owner + Printer of small risograph publishing service Riso World

︎︎︎ Résumé